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Dr. Damir Kosutic

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There’s no better place to enhance your natural beauty, treat lymphoedema or get rid of migraine headaches than with Mr Kosutic, internationally acclaimed Plastic Surgeon based in Manchester, United Kingdom. Mr Kosutic offers his expert surgical services in the field of plastic, aesthetic, reconstructive, lymphoedema, lipoedema and migraine headache surgery to the highest standards of medical excellence, treating both UK and international patients . Isn’t it time to make a change?

Exceptional Expertise Personalized Perfection

Attention to detail and focus on precise individualised realistic outcomes are at the core of Dr Kosutics’ surgical practice.
Dr. Kosutic has over 20 years of experience in most complex plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures.
Dr Damir uses the latest surgical technology and minimally invasive procedures for the benefit of his patients
Our clinic places a high priority on providing a positive patient experience

Explore Our Range of Expert Plastic Surgery Procedures

Liposuction for Lymphoedema / Lipoedema

Specialized liposuction treats lymphoedema and lipoedema, reducing swelling and enhancing limb function for improved quality of life.

Migraine Headache Surgery

Migraine surgery offers lasting relief by addressing nerve triggers, reducing pain, and improving life quality.

Breast Uplift

Breast uplift reshapes gland tissue, elevates nipple and areola, aiming for ideal proportions and enhanced shape.

Cosmetic Liposuction

Liposuction removes excess fat through small incisions, enhancing body contour and shape.

Fat grafting to breast

Natural breast augmentation without the need for any breast implants/foreign bodies with long lasting beautiful results.

Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin cancer surgery involves removing cancerous tissue, with surrounding margin, to treat and prevent further spread of cancer.

DIEP flap with lymph-node transfer

DIEP flap with lymph-node transfer reconstructs the breast using abdominal tissue and relocates lymph nodes to alleviate lymphedema.

Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty rejuvenates eyelids by removing excess skin and fat enhancing more youthful appearance.

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Explore Our Range of Expert Procedures

Lymphoedema and Lipoedema Surgery
Lymphoedema surgery, a branch of plastic and reconstructive surgery, reduces or cures swelling in upper or lower extremities.
Migraine Headache Surgery
Migraine surgery offers lasting relief by addressing nerve triggers, reducing pain, and improving life quality.
Body Contouring
Substantial weight loss can lead to challenges like excess skin, persistent fat, and body contouring issues, requiring surgical intervention.
Breast surgery alters breast size, shape, or appearance through procedures like augmentation, reduction, lift, or reconstruction.
Facial Rejuvenation
Rejuvenate your face with targeted procedures to reverse signs of ageing.
Reconstructive Surgery
Reconstructive surgery restores form and function, repairing defects, injuries, or congenital issues to enhance patients’ lives.
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Real Stories, Real Success

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I had the migraine surgery done by Dr. Kosutic last year. When I got in touch with him and arranged to have the surgery I knew that he was my last chance to get rid of the migraines that were limiting so much my life. I was going through IVF treatment when I had the initial assessment with Dr. Kosutic and I was ready to give up to the idea to have a baby because the migraines were making me feel awful every day and I was getting to the point where I could not bear migraines every day due to the IVF treatment. However, when I went for the surgery I was very hopeful, even though it was explained to me that the surgery might not have the desired outcome or what risks I was exposed to. In the end I could only say that having the migraine surgery was the best decision of my life. It’s been a year since the surgery and I did not have migraines anymore. During the IVF treatment, pregnancy and post partum I did not suffer from migraines. The only kind of pain I had were some headaches. I’m so thankful to Dr Kosutic and I highly recommend him.
Breast ReconstructionPatient
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Mr Kosutic has been my plastic surgeon all the way through my breast reconstruction following a double mastectomy. Most recently he performed two rounds of fat grafting and nipple reconstruction. As always, Mr Kosutic’s work is excellent. He is truly talented and treats his patients with care and understanding. He was able to extract enough fat to add fullness to both breasts and although the procedure afterwards was uncomfortable, it only lasted for a few days. The nipple reconstruction is very aesthetically pleasing and was a very painless part of the journey. I will be eternally grateful to Mr Kosutic and his team, including his plastics nurse Sarah for allowing me to feel myself again and the wonderful care they have given me throughout.
Lymphoedema, Breast ReconstructionPatient
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I came across Mr Kosutic when researching surgeons for my reconstruction following breast cancer. From the first meeting it was apparent just how experienced and knowledge he is. Nothing felt rushed and he listened to my concerns and explained the different option available to me. It was decided that I would have an LD flap reconstruction which I am very happy with. Lymphoedema was a big concern as I have had full node clearance. Prior to surgery, Mr Kosutic mapped out the lymphatic system in my arm and although I am fortunate not to have had any issues so far, I am reassured to know that I would be in the best hands in the future. He is at the forefront for dealing with any lymphoedema problems and I will continue to be regularly monitored.
Lymphoedema, Lymph Node BiopsyPatient
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Could not be more greatfull to have met Mr Kosutic. Not only was his main focus both my physical and mental well being but he’s guided me through the transition of coming to terms with having a life changing condition that has no cure and few treatment options. Thankfully Mr Kosutic also recommended me to my current MLD therapist who has helped me return my legs to pretty much normal. She’s by far one of the best physiotherapists I’ve seen with patient care being her top priority. So I owe Mr Kosutic everything as without him id still be in pain with a bad cellulitis infection and no diagnosis.
Breast Reconstruction, Fat GraftingPatient
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Mr koustic performed a diep flap left breast reconstruction with double pedicle for me in 2018. And at the same time completed a lymph node transfer which eliminated the lymphodeama in my left arm. He has since carried out a number of liposuction procedures to transfer fat to my reconstructed breast to achieve symmetry with my right breast. All of these procedures have been carried out with the highest level of professionalism and courtesy, always taking into account what was important to me. Mr Koustic is a very approachable, kind and genuine person who always puts the needs and desires of his patient at the heart of his service. A truely talented surgeon.

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