Aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery is one of Dr Damir’s special areas of expertise. His philosophy regarding breast procedures is to avoid any artificial materials (such as breast implants) and instead work with patients’ own tissue to enhance shape, size and aesthetics. Pregnancy and ageing affect breasts in such a way that weight of breast gland tissue often causes droopy and saggy look as skin stretches over time. These patients are often suitable for breast uplift. Some other patients have oversized and heavy breasts which may require reduction and almost always a degree of an uplift at the same time. Many, particularly younger patients with smaller breasts seek enhancement of shape and size. Mr Kosutic can perform this using your own fat via fat grafting procedure (lipofilling) to avoid using silicone breast implants, which are associated with many long-term side effects including rare type of cancer called ALCL. One in 10 women is born with inverted nipples. Mr Kosutic can rectify this quickly and effectively to improve your confidence. In addition, he provides both surgery for gynecomastia for men as well as Top-surgery for eligible selected female to male transgender patients.

Surgical Expertise

Breast Reduction Surgery
Breast reduction surgery to improve confidence, relief back pain and discomfort and improve contour and size.
Breast Uplift Surgery
Breast uplift reshapes gland tissue, elevates nipple and areola, aiming for ideal proportions and enhanced shape.
Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery
Inverted nipple correction involves procedures to evert and stabilize nipples for improved appearance and function.
Removal of Breast Implants Surgery
Removal of breast implants entails surgical extraction to address health concerns, change aesthetics, or restore natural breast shape.
Fat Grafting to Breast Surgery
Natural breast augmentation using your own fat to avoid implants for long lasting beautiful results.
Gynecomastia surgery and Female to male/Top Surgery
Gynecomastia surgery reduces male breast tissue; Top Surgery shapes a masculine chest in female-to-male transgender individuals.