Breast Reduction Surgery

Many women suffer with oversized breasts both physically and psychologically and can benefit from breast Breast Reduction Surgery. There are variety of breast reduction techniques available and Mr Kosutic will choose the correct and best one for your particular situation.

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Please use the below list of frequently asked question and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions or would like to discuss this procedure.

Breast Reduction Surgery is very effective procedure to reduce and reshape oversized breasts. It is indicated in patients with large and heavy breasts suffering from back pain due to breast heaviness and those who simply want to have smaller breasts more suitable for their body size.

Procedure is performed under general anaesthetic and involves removal of excess breast gland tissue and excess skin from the lower and outer aspects of the breast as well as redesigning of the remaining breast tissue to provide better projection, uplifted appearance and shape.
Breast reduction scars are mostly hidden within the infra-mammary fold (crease under the breast) and around the areola. Vertical component of the scar blends in and fades away quickly in most patients.

Patients are discharged the same or next day and advised not to sleep on operated breasts for up to 3 months to ensure that reshaped breast heals adequately. Wounds should be kept dry until suture removal 14 days after surgery. Patients should not wear a wired bra for 3 months whilst the soft bra can be started earlier, once wounds are fully healed and settled.

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