C-section scar revision

Unsightly, tender and tethered C-section scar is a common problem in many women that affects their quality of life and confidence. Scar revision performed by Dr Damir, expert plastic and reconstructive surgeon, can significantly improve cosmetic result and remove the pain. This has positive impact on patients’ confidence and quality of life.
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Every woman who has an unsightly, prominent, tethered or exaggerated C-Section scar can be considered a candidate for this effective and safe procedure. In case of hypertrophic scar, Mr Kosutic may in addition inject steroid into the wound before closure following scar removal and in selected cases, organise post-operative short course of radiotherapy to reduce chances of adverse scarring.
Once wound is fully healed some 2 weeks after surgery, it is advisable to commence a gentle scar massage in the direction of incision. This should be done on a daily basis, several times a day for the first 6-9 months after surgery to maximise aesthetic outcome. It will also work as a de-sensitization therapy as it will help with sensory nerve recovery around the operated area.
There is no need to stay in the hospital as scar revision is a day-case procedure. Recovery is quick and most patients go back to work after 2 weeks.
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