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Prominent ears are a common problem that affects both men and women, often from a young age which can be associated with low confidence and affect quality of life in young adults. Patients often try to hide it with hair or pin it with glue which may cause skin damage. Surgery for prominent ears can solve these problems very successfully. The aim of otoplasty is to remove both cartilage and skin excess as well as reshape ears to improve aesthetic outcome and patients’ confidence.
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Otoplasty is very effective procedure to reduce and reshape prominent ears. It is indicated in patients with cartilage excess and protruding ears sitting more anteriorly in relation to skull/mastoid area. It is advisable to perform this procedure once ear development has completed which is after 16 years of age in most patients.
Procedure is performed under general or local anaesthetic and involves removal of excess cartilage as well as reshaping of remaining conchal cartilage through incision behind the ear.
Ear surgery (Otoplasty) scars are practically invisible as they remain hidden behind the ear.
Patients are discharged the same day and advised to apply bandage around ears for the first two weeks to protect the reshaped ear and allow the wound to heal and reshaped cartilage to settle. Wounds should be kept dry until suture removal 14 days after surgery. Ear band helps for the reshaped cartilage to heal in the new position.
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