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Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is surgery aimed to rejuvenate the appearance of upper and/or lower eyelids by removing excess skin and often protruding fat around the globe. With the ageing, many patients develop brow drop and skin overhang on upper eyelid which in some may obstruct vision and give tired appearance. In addition, lower eyelid may get swollen look as a result of bulging fat around the eyeball.

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Please use the below list of frequently asked question and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions or would like to discuss this procedure.
Eyelid surgery is very effective procedure to rejuvenate upper third of the face/peri-orbital area. It is indicated in patients with visible skin excess and protruding fat around the globe that seek more youthful appearance.
Whilst procedure can be performed either under local or general anaesthetic, in Dr Damir’s experience, most patients feel more comfortable having this surgery done as a short general anaesthetic day-case procedure. This gives Dr Damir more opportunity to be very precise and thorough in removing excess fat around the globe to reduce swollen and tired appearance.
Blepharoplasty scars are practically invisible as they remain hidden inside the eyelid skin crease.
Patients are discharged the same day and advised to apply icepacks wrapped in a cloth or towel to reduce swelling and bruising as well as sleep with two pillows for the first 48hours. Sleeping on the front or putting pressure on the eye are to be avoided and wounds should be kept dry and covered with steri-strips until suture removal 7 days after surgery. After that very gentle scar massage with ointment is recommended daily.
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