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Some men suffer from excess breast gland tissue which can be frustrating, and it is almost impossible to get rid of with exercise alone. The reason for this is overgrowth of breast gland tissue which also expands the skin over time so that both gland and skin need to be removed in order to achieve desired manly chest. Often in this Gynecomastia surgery, nipples need to be repositioned and flattened. Similar surgery is performed for female-to-male trans-patients in order to masculinise the chest. Mr Kosutic has vast experience in all types of breast reconstructive procedures and will discuss this process with his patients in great detail to personalise their treatment plan. Some patients require liposuction as the first stage procedure, whilst others can achieve a desired outcome with single stage surgery.

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Please use the below list of frequently asked question and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions or would like to discuss this procedure.
Men with excess breast gland tissue with or without skin excess are candidates for gynecomastia surgery.
Female-to-male gender re-assignment patients who have been approved for this procedure by gender specialists and have been settled in their desired gender following over 2 years of hormonal treatment can be considered for this procedure.
Procedure is performed under general anaesthetic and involves removal of breast gland tissue and skin excess, with or without repositioning of nipple areola complex in the form of free nipple grafts.
Horizontal mastectomy scars are visible but fade away over time. Scars around the nipple are well hidden. Mr Kosutic uses re-absorbable sutures on the outside, which do not require removal.
Patients are discharged the same day and advised not to sleep on operated breasts for up to 6 weeks and use compression garment for the chest to allow skin to settle on top of the pectoralis muscle.
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