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LD Flap Surgery: Some patients do not have sufficient volume of tissue in their abdomen or have previous scars that could jeopardize the blood supply to DIEP flap so they are better candidates for LD Flap, where tissue is harvested from the back. This technique gives excellent results in patients with low mastectomy scars and those keen on quicker recovery.
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LD Flap is indicated in patients requiring natural tissue breast reconstruction after mastectomy who do not have sufficient volume in the abdomen for DIEP or have significant abdominal scars that would compromise DIEPs blood supply.

LD flap can be performed at the time of mastectomy or after mastectomy and radiotherapy were completed. Dr Damir performs both techniques, depending on his patients’ individual circumstance.

Donor site scar on the back is often concealed by the bra whilst scar pattern in the reconstructed breast differs between immediate and delayed LD flaps.
Patients are discharged after 3-4 days and advised to avoid any strenuous physical activity for 6 weeks. Sleeping on the front or putting pressure on the flap are to be avoided and wounds should be kept dry for the first 2 weeks after surgery. After that very gentle scar massage with ointment is recommended daily.
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