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In recent years, association between certain types of silicone breast implants and rare form of cancer called ALCL (Anaplastic small cell lymphoma) has been established. In addition, many other long term side effects of Removal of Breast Implants Surgery have been known including capsular contracture, auto-immune conditions and silicone leak as a result of implant disintegration over time. Capsular contracture is particularly common breast implant problem, which distorts the shape of previously performed breast augmentation and can cause pain and obvious asymmetry. Many women who had silicone implants now regret this decision and want to remove them. Mr Kosutic can offer these patients not only silicone implant removal but also removal of most of the thickened scar tissue (capsule) around the implant that causes additional problems to patients. Mr Kosutic can then perform subsequent breast reshaping as well as natural tissue augmentation, if required. This should rectify most issues caused by silicone which is a foreign material.

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Patients with obvious scarring related to capsular contracture around implants, pain, tenderness, auto-immune disease possibly related to implants as foreign material and ruptured implants with silicone leak are all candidates for implant removal and capsulectomy.

Procedure is performed under general anaesthetic and involves removal of implant and leaked silicone, washout of the breast pocket and removal of most of the scar tissue (capsule) around the implant.
Scars are invisible as mr Kosutic would perform procedure through old breast augmentation scars and uses re-absorbable sutures on the outside, which does not require removal.
Patients are discharged the same day and advised not to sleep on operated breasts for up to 6 weeks and avoid wired bra for 3 months to ensure adequate wound healing.
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