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Thigh lift surgery is designed to reshape and contour the inner and outer thighs by removing excess skin and fat. This procedure can provide smoother skin and more proportionate contours, enhancing the overall appearance of the lower body after weight loss. Most patients requiring thigh lift procedure see Mr Kosutic after they lost weight to get rid of an excess saggy skin. Procedure is performed as a general anaesthetic with an overnight stay or in some instances day-case. Scars are concealed in the inner aspect of thigh. Recovery takes 2 weeks and compression is desirable to achieve optimal outcome. In patients with large volume of fat in their medial thighs, it is best to first perform liposuction as a separate procedure, followed by a thigh lift, to reduce risks of complications.
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Thigh lift procedure can be performed as a single stage surgery or two stage surgery. In patients with more significant skin and large fat excess, it is safer to perform liposuction first, followed by excision of skin and remaining fat 6-8 weeks later. In patients with smaller amount of fat excess but more skin excess after weight loss, it is possible to perform a safe thigh lift in one stage where both fat and skin are excised at the same time.

To maximise aesthetic outcome and avoid contour deformities, patients are advised to wear compressive garment up to 12 weeks after surgery as well as attend MLD. Mr Kosutic will refer you to a certified MLD Specialist so your outcome can further be improved and desired smooth contour achieved.

Best results are achieved in patients who lost weight and their weight is now stable, but they are unable to get rid of excess skin and stubborn fatty excess in their inner thighs.

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